Change The Colors Shapes And Size

When people find out you’re going on a 2,663 some-odd mile hike by yourself they tend to ask a lot of questions or offer heaps of unsolicited advice. Or do both. Not that there’s anything wrong with that–it’s almost always out of love, curiosity, or genuine concern. Here are just a few of the words of wisdom and thoughtful questions I’ve gotten so far:

“Daaaaayuuuuum!” – Laura

“Bring extra socks and you’ll be fine” – Peter

“You can pack 26 pounds of granola in your backpack!” “Don’t forget to bring incense and crystals.” “Did you know if you put a crystal in your drinking water, it purifies the water?” – Dad

“Have you read Wild?”

“You are insane.” “You are incredible.” “There’s no way you’re gonna last six months” – Emilie

“We gotta fatten you up in March” – Delia

“We can send her care packages!” – Nicole

“Can I meet up with you in Yosemite/Lake Tahoe/Oregon?”

“Do you hike along the coast the whole way?” “Are you gonna sleep on the beach every night?” “How many bathing suits are you going to bring?” – just to clarify, it’s the Pacific Crest Trail, not Coast Trail

“Watch out for big cats!” – Cari


“You should get waxed before you go” – Connie

“Holy shit!!!!! I’m so happy for you!” – Bobbye

“What are you bringing for protection?” – the smart ass in me has fun answering this one

“Don’t worry about spiders. If you see one, just pretend it’s a cool Halloween decoration” – Samantha (mother of a newborn)

“What you’re doing takes a lot of courage. At first, I hated the idea because I’m your mother and the idea of you out there terrifies me. But then I thought that if I heard someone else’s kid was doing the same thing I would think it was amazing. I just want you to know that I’m really proud of you for doing this trip” – Mom


8 thoughts on “Change The Colors Shapes And Size

  1. You are such a wonderful writer. Keep writing. Taking this hike — I guess it’s something other peoples kids do, not ours. So I’ll be watching over you and waiting eagerly/anxiously/excitedly to hear from you on your blog and from your parents. Hope you’ll have some internet access. Safe journeys Mookie, both internal and external.
    Love you,


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