Finding My Trail Legs And The Fear of Becoming a Jock

All day I have this unsettling feeling, kind of like the one I have every time I’m sitting on an airplane as it taxis down the runway before take off. You know the feeling, when the plane starts picking up speed, everything rattling and vibrating as you lurch forward faster and faster, holding your breath until the moment the wheels … More Finding My Trail Legs And The Fear of Becoming a Jock

Hiking Jamz

A friend of mine who is hiking the PCT this year asked me to recommend some good songs that I like to hike to, so I figured I’d share some of my favorite hiking playlists here. Good music is subjective, of course, and the music that I listen to on trail isn’t too far removed (if at all) from what I listen to … More Hiking Jamz

Water Source

Written in my tent in the rain. July. Northern California. PCT mile 1321.5 We squat beside a swampy hole in the ground And each other Plunging our plastic bottles beneath the surface And swatting at swarms of mosquitoes Who suckle our skin like teats It is futile We know They always win in the end.   We filter cow shit from … More Water Source

AT 2015 Gear List

Oh hey, Interweb! Guess what? I’m finally getting around to posting a gear list. Exciting, right? No really, though–it sort of is. Trust me, I used to be in the school of folks whose eyes would glaze over the moment someone mentioned gear. But something strange happened while I was hiking the PCT last year. I … More AT 2015 Gear List