AT 2015 Gear List

Oh hey, Interweb! Guess what? I’m finally getting around to posting a gear list. Exciting, right? No really, though–it sort of is. Trust me, I used to be in the school of folks whose eyes would glaze over the moment someone mentioned gear. But something strange happened while I was hiking the PCT last year. I got really really excited about gear. Talking about it, buying it, fixing it, recommending it, switching it out for lighter/better/more awesome gear. Eventually I’d like to try my hand at making some of my own gear, but, you know, baby steps here.

Without further ado, here is my gear list for the Appalachian Trail, which I will be starting April 2nd (more on that in a future post.) Also, I’ll most likely be making adjustments here and there, so I’ll try to update this list accordingly.

Appalachian Trail Gear List

  • HMG 2400 Windrider Pack – 28.2oz
  • ZPacks Hexamid Solo (w/ bug net, bathtub & 8 titanium stakes) – 15.9oz
  • ZPacks 10° sleeping bag (long) – 20.9oz
  • NeoAir Xlite size small – 8oz
  • Black Diamond Spot headlamp (including batteries) – 3.2oz
  • Anker Mini portable charger – 2.7oz

    The Shelter
  • Spork – 0.3oz
  • MSR Pocket Rocket stove – 3oz
  • Titanium 0.9L cookpot – 3.3oz
  • Mini lighter – 0.5oz
  • Aquamira – 2oz
  • Trash compacter bag (pack liner) – 1.5oz
  • 2 Gatorade bottles – 2oz
  • Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash jacket – 9oz
  • Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket – 5.8oz
  • SmartWool long sleeve base layer – 7oz
  • Icebreaker Merino wool leggings – 6oz
  • Injinji toe sock liners – 1.2oz
  • Darn Tough socks – 2oz
  • Toiletries/first aid (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, TP, hand sanitizer, lip balm, advil, Leukotape, Deet) – 8oz
  • Mini Swiss Army knife – 0.8oz

    The Pack
    The Pack
  • iPhone 5 w/ LifeProof case – 5oz
  • Chargers & cords – 1.8oz
  • Ziploc bag w/ ID, cards, cash money – 1oz
  • Cheapo sunglasses – 0.9oz
  • Beanie – 2oz
  • Liner gloves – 1.5oz
  • Bandana – 1oz
  • Stuff sacks for stuff – 2oz

Total Base Weight= 9.2 pounds (146.5 oz)

Stuff/clothing worn (not included in base weight)

  • Brooks Cascadias
  • Injinji toe sock liners under Darn Tough socks
  • North Face running shorts
  • Shirt (I’ll most likely find something in my closet the night before I leave)
  • Exofficio underwear
  • Patagonia sports bra
  • Black Diamond Trail Back cork trekking poles
  • Last but not least, quite possibly my favorite piece of gear: my Chicken Creek Saloon, Chicken, Alaska mesh hat that Dewey found for me for 75 cents at a thrift store in Tehachapi
The Hat
The Hat




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