photo 4

Wednesday was my first day off in what felt like forever, so I decided to take advantage of my new found nothing-to-do-ness with a day hike on the PCT in the Angeles National Forest. I had grand plans of waking up before the sun. Of filling a thermos with steaming hot coffee and sipping it as the pine-speckled mountains changed colors and I rounded the corners carefully up-up-up Highway 2. Of hiking fifteen (ten, at the very least) miles with 25 pounds in my pack.

Alas, I don’t actually own a thermos. Nor did I wake up anywhere near dawn. And I somehow managed to find 59,475,281 things that had to be done on my day off. So when I finally pulled into the empty parking lot at Three Points Junction trailhead (mile 403.4) it was just shy of 3:30 in the afternoon. I did manage to get six miles of hiking in before the shadows of boulders and trees stretched further across the trail and I headed back down-down-down Highway 2 while there was still some light in the sky (would have loved to stay longer but my eyesight sucks when I drive at night).

Here are some photos. I took them on my iPhone and I’m not too good of a picture-taker so, you know, disclaimer or whatnot.

photo 4

Hiking through burn areas (even pretty ones like these) is always kinda spooky in a post-apocalyptic sort of way.

photo 4

Beware the Poodle Dog Bush.

photo 3

Leftovers from last week’s storms.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Also, I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It just makes sense.


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