Zero Daze

I take a zero (a day of no hiking) in Idyllwild to let my blisters heal and recharge my battery (figuratively and literally). Stay at a quaint inn with Tuck and order pizza with five toppings on it. Drink red wine out of flimsy plastic cups. Eat two kinds of Oreos (double-stuf and birthday cake flavor) in front of the fireplace. Give Doc two slices of leftover pizza in exchange for checking out my feet on a bench outside the coffee shop. He gives me a clean bill of health. Buy a new hiking shirt from the discount bin with long sleeves so I won’t go through sunscreen so damn quickly. Eat an apple. Take a shower and watch the water swirl down the drain: dark brown, light brown, clear. Eat more Oreos. Sleepin a bed (a real bed!) Wake up and eat more Oreos.

Here are some photos from the past week:










5 thoughts on “Zero Daze

  1. Hey Mollie, I’m rooting for you. Hope you remember me…Carole S.’s man. My daughter Jessica went to high school in Idylwild. Great place. Best wishes for blister recovery soon


  2. I love your blog Molly! This is the first time I have seen/read it. Congrats on your trip, it is so inspiring and making me feel like I really need to get off this couch at 12:00 on a Monday. Also it just made me cry, I may be PMS’ing, but regardless there were tears! Xo


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