Chocolate Shakes and Rattle Snakes

I wiggle my head out of my sleeping bag and reach for my phone. It blurts and beeps and hums on the tent floor.

4:45 a.m.

“Fuck.” I hit snooze and pull the sleeping bag back over my head.

Eight minutes later. The alarm, again.

“Fuck.” I turn it off.

Roll onto my left side. Right side. Onto my stomach. Hear the zzzzzzip of Tuck’s tent door opening beside mine. The whooooosh of her little pocket stove firing to life.

“Fuck.” I open my eyes and admit defeat. The morning has won, just like it always does.

We break camp, fill our water bottles from the bathroom sink at the picnic area, slowly trickle out onto the trail as the sun rises. Tuck and K2 set out first, then Young Clint and I, followed by the others. It’s good to hike with him again. Feels like forever since we tackled the desert together on our 24-mile day into Warner Springs. My biggest so far.

I stop to shed my down jacket as the sun grows fiercer and higher in the sky. Also, to pee. Young Clint goes on ahead and it’s nice to hike alone. My feet feel good, my blisters hardening. Thickening. Turning to callus. I take my tiny iPod out of my hip pocket and put one ear bud in. Try to match the rhythm of my steps to the music. Jonathan Richman. Songs Ohia. Flower Travellin’ Band. Built to Spill. Look down at Silverwood Lake below me, behind me. In front of me, desert.













7 thoughts on “Chocolate Shakes and Rattle Snakes

  1. OMG Molly–do you remember when you were under 5 and “the group” went to an Inn up by Calistoga. We were sitting on a ledge, you lifted a rock and there was a rattle snake!!!! Many screams later we were all fine! BTW we sent you a care package to Big Bear but I hear you missed it. Next time we will let you know when one is coming. You are awesome–what an adventure and an incredible accomplishment. I love reading your blogs. Love, Lynne


    1. Hey I remember that time Molly found the rattlesnake. That makes 2 encounters…and hopefully the last. Both happy endings. xo


    2. Lynne-Yes, I do remember!! So funny. Thank you so very much for sending me a package to Big Bear. Sorry I missed it. Picking up mail has been more complicated than I expected. Miss you! xo, Tick Tock.


  2. I was hoping for a group photo from the Micky D’s stop. That would have been a winning shot!! You are amazing and I love you. So many miles under your belt, ahem, your feet, so far! Check for a package at Wrightwood! Hope it gets to you!



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