(Not Very) Deep Thoughts Of The Day

Being dirty and happy is way better than being clean and happy. It just feels right.

Also, it’s hot as balls in Northern California and it’s only supposed to get hotter. So that’s cool.

But for now, I’m enjoying a bag of sweaty frosted chocolate mini donuts and a warm Crystal Light raspberry lemonade on a picnic table beneath the shade of a Pine tree at a rest stop on Donner Summit. We have twenty-one more miles to hike today. They’ll be hot miles. Sweaty miles. Dirty, happy ones, I hope.



4 thoughts on “(Not Very) Deep Thoughts Of The Day

  1. Just saw a picture of you at half-way point.You look dirty and really happy!!! Fantastic! Sending lots of love. xoxoxo


  2. I’m reading your PCT posts waaay in the future, and besides the great writing, my favourite part is the comments from your folks. Hahaha So snarky, with so much love!!! I know that kind of fam. ❤

    Not sure if I'll ever get to do this, I hope so, but it's nice to live it vicariously through you! Albeit, 3 years later. 😛


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