Quick Update from a Grassy Field in Virginia

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to let all of you in Internet Land know that I’m still alive, even though I haven’t blogged in a week. There are two reasons for this; the first being that after hiking all day, it’s hard to find the motivation to lie in my sleeping bag and type away furiously on my little iPhone keyboard thingy when all I want to do is sleep. But laziness aside, the main reason for a lack of updates is that my phone is dying a fast death, and its battery drains faster than, uhhh, a freshly unclogged drain? (Sorry, I haven’t had coffee yet…) I went to the cell phone store a few days ago and they told me that, since my phone is no longer under warranty, it would be $600 ($600!!!!) to buy a new phone. So, that happened. If anyone knows any insider cell phone secrets that would miraculously cure my ailing battery, please let me know! 

Also, wordpress recently featured one of my blog posts on their featured blog post thingy (no coffee thing again, sorry…), so suddenly I have a ton of new followers on here. Welcome!! I hope you all enjoy following along as I hike the Appalachian Trail, and I truly appreciate all of your comments. 

Hopefully I’ll get this phone battery situation worked out soon and will be able to get all caught up on blog posts. Until then, good morning from Virginia, y’all!


Tick Tock


23 thoughts on “Quick Update from a Grassy Field in Virginia

  1. Why don’t you just get a new battery??? It’s absurd that the store didn’t suggest that – assuming that it is indeed the battery that’s faulty. I usually have to replace mine every year. You can buy a reconditioned one quite cheaply, but given that you don’t have instant access to recharging facilities you should probably get a new one. You can buy them online if you have a shipping address, and that’s probably WAY cheaper than buying from a store.


  2. Sorry if this is something you already know, but my (old-ish Android) phone chews through battery with unnecessary background processes – there’s an option deep in the settings menu to see everything that’s running and to kill the wasteful ones. I find it really makes a difference to battery life.

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  3. You go girl🏃👍. Good luck with your phone–sorry I don’t have any secrets😒. Can’t wait to follow your blog😘. Hugs, aunt lizzy❤️💕

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  4. Good luck on the phone — I just discovered this blog, and I am seriously enjoying it. While I have no phone advice, I admire your tenacity for this hike, and hope you have sunny (rain-free) days ahead!

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  5. My Iphone 5 battery kept dying and Apple replaced my Iphone a few months before I was due for a new phone. Yes you should turn off all background apps when not using them, but Iphone 5 has problems with their battery. I would ask for a new phone next store you find on the AT. 🙂


  6. Not sure if you have one, but you can get a small 5w solar charger by blkbox on Amazon for $22. It comes with tiny lightweight carabineers, and I attach yo my backpack while I hike. Also, reallyvold weather can kill your battery too, try to keep your phone next yo your body if you are not already doing this. Good luck!

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  7. Your Instagram account caught my eye, led me to this site and now I’m hooked. You and your fellow thru-hikers are really inspiring! If you need anything once you hit NJ, drop a line. Since I’m not on the trail with ya, I would love to help if I could. Keep on truckin’ and good luck in your travels.

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      1. Not a problem at all. Central NJ, about an hour or so from the NJ parts of the AT. Depending if its by the gap or further north, that is. Look forward to hearing from ya!


  8. I came across your blog on a ‘featured’ and have really enjoyed following your thru-hike. Been planning to do that myself in the next couple years – you’re a very talented writer

    as for the phone battery – make sure when you aren’t using the phone to keep it in airplane mode, take it out of airplane mode only when you need the GPS check, or using something that needs to connect. searching for a signal will really kill the btty life, especially in areas with no signal. shouldn’t drain much just playing MP3s
    another couple tips – disable bluetooth (doubt you’re using that feature at all) and disable wireless, so even when you take it out of airplane mode, those don’t start searching.
    when you get to towns, turn on features you need (wireless)
    close ALL apps you aren’t using

    and finally – you can buy a rechargable btty (have someone buy one and send it ahead for you – much cheaper). I picked up a 10000ma for $15, recharges my phone about 5x, weighs 8oz. the 8oz is prolly better than $600 to replace the phone, and will give you more reliability.

    good luck – and keep hiking. you’re definitely an inspiration!

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