From the AT to NYC

Hi guys! I’m in New York City right now for my big sister’s wedding this weekend. Got off trail in New Jersey on Tuesday, getting back on where I left off on Sunday. Seven states down, seven more to go!! 

Also, if you’re lookin’ to kill some time, I recently got interviewed about the A.T. and long-distance hiking on Sounds of the Trail podcast. Mine is the second of three interviews on the episode, but all are worth a listen. 

Hope everyone’s doing well out there in Internet Land. I’ll try and get a blog post or two up before I head back into the woods. 

Signing out from the city,

Tick Tock


7 thoughts on “From the AT to NYC

  1. Where are you in Jersey? I’ve hiked several portions near the Delaware River. Also stayed in a hostel near the midpoint of the trail in PA…the hostel has a preserved Underground Railroad area that you can still climb into. I remember there was a wonderful ice cream parlor for the hot and thirsty thru hikers. Enjoy!

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    1. Hi Janice, I’m at the beginning of New Jersey, just past Delaware Water Gap, PA. Don’t think I stayed at that hostel, but sounds like I should have 🙂 Hope you’re well!


  2. Just listened to the podcast you’re interviewed on. I like your responses, great interview… They aren’t always. Lol It’s funny because I’m just realizing that I saw you on a YouTube movie I watched just last night by Can’t Hike 55 (I think that was the one – I’d watched a few). I didn’t realize when I’d seen your name that you were the blogger I was following who is doing the AT! This makes me feel as if the hiking community can be as close-knit as much as they can be polar opposites. Anyway, thanks for such a great, candid, interview. Keep hiking!


    1. Thanks Jenny!! The long distance hiking community is definitely a close-knit one, and at times it feels like we’re one big dysfunctional, smelly family. Also, I don’t know if that was me in the movie! Do you have a link to it? I’m totally curious to see if it is… 🙂

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      1. Well, I looked back through two of the movies I thought it was and didn’t see “Tick-Tock” in either one. Maybe my mind’s playing tricks on me (Hmm, that sounds like a song)!


    1. I had really been looking forward to seeing you and Carole at the wedding! Sorry you weren’t able to make it 😦 We’ll all have to catch up in SF in August!


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