Katahdin (I Could Walk Forever)

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence. This is why:

  1. Hiking is hard
  2. Blogging is hard
  3. Blogging while hiking is really, really hard

I know, I know–it’s just walking. And it’s just writing. And it’s just writing while walking. But the longer I put it off, the heavier and hairier the task became, until finally updating my blog was this scraggly-haired, bloodshot-eyed, sharp-toothed monster with halitosis breathing down my neck. So I stopped blogging and the monster went away. Yeah, I know, life is hard.

But, guess what? I finished!! On August 14, 4 months, 12 days, and 2189.2 miles later, I climbed to the top of Katahdin and completed the Appalachian Trail. She was a beautiful bitch who chewed me up and spit me out over and over and over again. But in the end, she stole my heart.

Here are a few pictures from Katahdin. And stay tuned for more updates. Because, you know, it’s just writing. P8141279 P8141281 bigk


20 thoughts on “Katahdin (I Could Walk Forever)

  1. Yeah!
    How bad ass is that!?! Congrats on finishing, I’m both jealous and thrilled on your behalf! Hope to catch you Sunday soon in Portland 🙂



      1. Wow!!! You’re amazing! I’m looking forward to hearing some of the stories on your blog. What a lifetime of memories you’ve made! I’m glad we met!


  2. I was section hiking with a friend on the AT over the dragons tooth when his dog ran off. I gave you a ride and we met again at the parking lot for Mcafee Knob. We spoke briefly while you rested and we waited for a call. You shared your account of being struck by lightning. Your story was cool and I hoped you would make it to Katahdin. Since our section hike I have been toiling in the kitchen at work but reading your blog posts has helped me think of the trail and getting back out there. So glad you made it all the way! Congratulations!


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    1. Hey Aaron,
      Thanks for the kind words and for the awesome trail magic! When I ran into you and your friend in the parking lot at Mcafee Knob I had been having such a crappy day, but your kindness and generosity turned my mood around completely. I still remember how excited I was when you pulled a folding chair out of your car and offered me a seat–the trail really makes you appreciate the little things 🙂
      -Tick Tock
      p.s. Did you guys ever find your friend’s dog??


      1. We did find the dog. We stayed at a Motel 6 in Roanoke that night. After filling our bellies with cheap Mexican food and draft beer we decided to hike back to the spot where we had last seen Squid. I was a little bummed we had to stop hiking but was rewarded with a moonless but firefly and starlit hike through Va pasture where we found the dog watching over a herd of Black Angus Cattle. The dog was excited to see us but seemed to have the attitude “where have you guys been?” Funny! Congrats again on completing the AT. What’s next? If you are ever in Raleigh NC look me up.



  3. Wow girl, u r amazing! I hope to see you at thanksgiving this year. Did u see that Robert Redford is staring in the movie version of the Bill Bryson book A WALK IN THE WOODS about his hiking the Appalachian trail?



  4. Hey Tock Tock! Im so happy you made it! Me and Tric summited on August 22nd. Im also extremely jealous you got to summit with Lightning and Porkchop!!! Two of my favorite guys right there. Hope all is well.



    1. Fozzie!! Congrats on summiting–glad to hear you finished with Tric 🙂 You’ve got good taste–Porkchop and Lightning are my favorite guys, too. What’s your email address? I wanna catch up!


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