Oh, Days Like These 

It’s late afternoon when the trail spits me out of the woods and winds its way through yellow-green fields. Silos and red barn roofs and pastures spread flat across the horizon. When the wind whooshes, the tall grass bends and sways and tickles my calves, and thank goodness for the Deet I sprayed on earlier … More Oh, Days Like These 

From the AT to NYC

Hi guys! I’m in New York City right now for my big sister’s wedding this weekend. Got off trail in New Jersey on Tuesday, getting back on where I left off on Sunday. Seven states down, seven more to go!!  Also, if you’re lookin’ to kill some time, I recently got interviewed about the A.T. … More From the AT to NYC

Lightning Hangover: A Zero Day in Pearisburg

It’s an easy eight miles into town from the shelter. I’m on the trail before seven, hiking fast across the ridgeline as the sun tries to burst forth from behind the slate-colored clouds. Thousands of feet below, an explosion of green. Roads snake through pastures and trees. Tiny doll houses dot the landscape. Everything big … More Lightning Hangover: A Zero Day in Pearisburg