Bed Linens, Silverware, & Other Foreign Objects

I got off trail on Tuesday to go to a family reunion in Truckee for three days. It hasn’t even been 48 hours and I’m already immensely homesick for the PCT. I miss my trail family. I miss being filthy. I miss the trees and the bugs and sleeping on the ground. I miss burping and picking my nose and shitting in the woods. I miss hiking until it hurts (kind of. I also kind of don’t miss this.) I miss eating when I’m hungry, sleeping when I’m tired, waking up when the sun tells me it’s time to. I miss the laughter. So much laughter. Always laughter.

I’m getting back on the trail tomorrow, though. Meeting back up with Dewey and Masshole and Slaughterhouse. With my trail family. Going home.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks. I haven’t been blogging nearly as much as I had planned to. I’ll try to do it more, really I will. I guess I’ve been too busy laughing.














2 thoughts on “Bed Linens, Silverware, & Other Foreign Objects

  1. Great photos, Molly. And I’m really enjoying your writing. Congratulations on your fabulous, life-changing, life-affirming adventure. I’m overwhelmed with envy. It’s something I’m sure you’ll remember and treasure always. All the best from Cabbage head.


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